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Chair of Full Governing Body: Becki Dean

Curriculum & Standards Committee (C&S)(Meetings at Leyes site)


Resources Management Committee (RMC)(Meetings at Lane site)

Magda Ensor (chair) Robert Newport
Becki Dean Phil Hendon (chair)
Lesley Barringer Jeremy Ash
Lesley Barringer



Local Authority Governors are appointed by the local authority.

Parent Governors are appointed by parents of the school pupils.

Co-opted Governors are appointed by the governing body.

Governor Link Roles Governor Responsible
Inclusions, SEND  Magda Ensor
Lower KS2, Parental Engagement Phil Hendon
Lower KS2, Professional Development
Upper KS2, Assessment and Intervention, Able, Gifted and Talented, Child Protection & LAC
EYFS Becki Dean
Educational Visits, Health and Safety
Lesley Booth
Associate Governor
Robert Newport
Co-opted Governor
Local Authority Governor
Jeremy Ash
Co-opted Governor
Magda Ensor
Parent Governor
Phil Hendon
Parent Governor
Becki Dean
Co-opted Governor
Lesley Barringer